What do we do if there's bad weather?

I will reach out to you the day of your shoot if the weather looks like it's not conducive for our session and we will re-schedule. Luckily, in Boise we are blessed with many days of sunshine so this doesn't happen often!

My child got sick, can I re-schedule?

Sickness is unavoidable - I get it! Please let me know as soon as you can, and I will try to get you re-scheduled as my availability allows. However, I cannot guarantee that another session will be available - depending on the time of year. Fall sessions book up far in advance, but I will do my best. On the off chance we can't work anything out on the calendar, I will refund your deposit and we can try again later.

A friend group of families want individual family photos, but some large group photos too. Is there a package for that?

Feel free to reach out to me and we can schedule a private mini session. I work with you on a date and location and each family pays the mini session price, but I throw in pictures of the whole group and some fun combos of kids & parents. I've even had a group bring a cooler of beers so we could toast at the end! Let's have some fun!

I woke up with a blemish! Help!

My rule of thumb when editing is that I remove anything that won't still be there in two weeks. I want to see your freckles, beauty marks, and everything else that makes you unique - but I understand that you want your photos to capture you at your best.

What do I wear?

After booking a session and paying your deposit, I will send you a Welcome Guide with lots of information about sessions, what to expect, and what to wear! I always love when clients send me pictures of outfits and ask for opinions - I can give insight based on the colors of the session location.

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like"

David Harvey